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Notice: We are no longer are putting new paintings by Da Zhong Zhang on the website because of a certain jealous Hong Kong dealer (you and many of our customers know who you are).  If you would like to see our current selection, please give us a call or email.
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Wuzhi Mountain by Zhang Da Zhong   Wuzhi Mountain, original oil painting by Zhang Da Zong (Dazong Zhang)   sold   50x65cm  
Golden Sun in Beijing by Zhang Da Zhong   Golden Sun in Beijing, original oil on canvas by Zhang Da Zhong

Sitting in the lotus position, reading Mao's little red book, it is as if she is in prayer.  It reminds me of how saints were portrayed in Italian Renaissance paintings.  Mao is the golden sun, in Beijing, who brings hope of a new life to China.  Of course, the life that he brought many of the Red Guard Girls and the rest of the people of China was not exactly what they had in their hopes and dreams.

I particularly like the red color, in her blanket, which is a new color that I have seen enter Zhang's palette, only recently.  The sloppy mason work on the wall, in the background is a trademark of Chinese masons, something I see in every building.
Village History: painting by Da Zhong Zhang 692. Village History: original oil painting by Da Zhong Zhang

The red guard were sent out to the countryside to work along side of and help the farmers and small village people build the new China.  Away from their families and putting off building their own lives, they were sometimes neither welcomed nor accepted by the very people that they were eager to help.  Certainly, there were happy time, times of achievement.  Thinking back through her personal history, in this small isolated Chinese village, do the bads outweigh the goods?
  $6,000   50x60cm  
Army unit song: painting by Da Zhong Zhang  697. Army Unit Song: original oil on canvas by Da Zhong Zhang        150x100cm  
Red Sun in the Mountains: painting by Da Zhong Zhang  695. Red Sun in the Mountains: original oil on canvas by Da Zhong Zhang       130x110cm  
We have other works by Da Zhong Zhang, in our gallery, which are not displayed in our on-line gallery.  If you are interested in seeing more of her works, please contact us by phone or by email, and will will forward more of her works to you by email. Office: 086 20 83600764; clm@leonacraig.com
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